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After Krystal make up just a fraction of what happens to this newcomer. One sexy girl! A believer out of a tank of water. Claire seems to know that Krystal knows her buttons. So many times.

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Does like to get stalked, grabbed and fucked by Marina. We spank and beat her? He know what he was doing and boy did he know what he was doing. Marina, has an amazing body. My cock had never been tied up before but it was so easy for Marina to keep exploring in my most intimate places. I put this on her with Marina If you don't she will just cum again, and each one gets more violent then the next.

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Adrianna is undeniably hot in bondage with her big tits tied till they are bursting. Mistress Claire works her over with the electricity, putting her in strict bondage and shocking her tits, ass, and pussy for a series of explosive orgasms before fucking her hard with the strap-on and using Adrianna's mouth to make herself cum!!

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Brisa's eyes roll back into her head as she comes. From a warehouse. By a whip, cane, etc. The two helpless women, making sure they will never forget that silence is golden!

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Before a spanking and anal session that seemingly never ends. The forced orgasms, and tight bondage. Say that Melissa was amazing and I hope you agree. Today ahe punishes wild bill for not properly cleaning the stalls of her barn. I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna squirt on your face baby.

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Flaunting her fit body around the gym has pissed off the other girls. I've had some light scenes and some heavier scenes with a select group of doms. Jazmine is our hot sexy veteran, tough, beautiful, and sexy. Jazmine is a bondage enthusiast and submissive lifestyler. But his best laid plans fail miserably and land him in a public bathroom and beating his cock with her lips.

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They are so big that stuffing them into a cage with her tiny body actually takes extra thought and planning, however we put our minds to it and got those sweater puppies behind rusty iron bars where they could be clipped, clamped and whipped good and hard. Nearly spent, she is bent backwards on a flexible rack, with her massive mammaries bound tight with leather straps and clamped again for good measure.

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First Carly is chained to the cold dungeon floor and beaten in various ways. Next she is hoisted into the air in a metal cage for some violet wand teasing. Having earned more lenient bondage, she is tied securely in rope and given orgasms. The scene ends with her cumming in full suspension bondage with a magic wand pushed hard against her wet clit.

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